I Didn't Wear Deodorant For A Week And Here's What Happened

I Didn't Wear Deodorant For A Week And Here's What Happened

Dry skin is often a temporary or seasonal problem - one that you experience only in winter or summer, for example - but the problem may remain a lifelong concern. I have found this makes enough to fill up my conventional brand deodorant container, or you could also put it in a small glass container and just use your hand to scoop out a little bit and put it on. If you are using these frequently for homemade beauty products, I recommend having a separate group of mixing tools to those you use in the kitchen.

You could also just use lavender by itself in the deodorant if you want how to make deodorant keep it simple. Free and clear detergents: If you find that simply switching your deodorant isn't fully solving your problem, then you should go a step farther and begin replacing your usual detergents with the more gentle and fragrance-free options out there. This study looked for the first time at deodorant usage in relation to ABCC11 genotype and also in comparison with other factors such as age, background and general household hygiene.

I make my own homemade deodorant using a beeswax base, in a roll-up stick applicator. Coconut oil contains only 6% monounsaturated and 2% polyunsaturated fatty acids. I poured mine into an old deodorant container while it was still warm and use it just like any other deodorant. I know the baking soda can give some people a rash, but if you've definitely got a reaction to coconut, you can try substituting it with either cocoa butter or mango butter. Yeah, and there are already about a million other homemade deodorant recipes out there.

Good idea on letting your underarms breathe for a few days, I know when I stopped using conventional deodorant I definitely had to let them detox for a few days! Most antiperspirant also contains deodorant which may be why many use deodorants and antiperspirants interchangeably. To counteract this, we added more baking soda and arrowroot and it became more pasty, which I prefer. If you prefer a more natural approach, witch hazel or a bit of lavender essential oil works wonders. I put about 2 cups of cornstarch in a bowl and to that I added drops of pure essential oil of lavender, a few at a time, mixing it thoroughly with the cornstarch until I had the desired fragrance level that I wanted. Silica is a common ingredient in stick deodorant that absorbs excess grease from the essential oils. Stir in the vitamin E oil, arrowroot starch, and baking soda with a fork until smooth.

This mask contain powerful anti oxidants therefore is called the best anti aging homemade cream, you can apply this mask 2 or 3 times a week. This buttery topping " (as it's called on manufacturers' websites) is typically made mainly from hydrogenated soybean oil (a trans fat), artificial flavoring, beta carotene for color, and preservatives.